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SmartDocs 100 - Professional (100-P)

In this course, you will learn core SmartDocs functionalities including and introduction to: Reusable Variables, Reusable Snippets, and Conditional Text. Each unit will provide how-to instruction, best practice, and explanations of the benefits of working with each element.
  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • What's New in SmartDocs 2018?
  • Reusable Variables
  • Introduction to Reusable Variables
  • Create New Variable – Overview
  • Create New Variable – Single Line of Text
  • Create New Variable – Multiple Lines of Text
  • Create New Variable – Picklist
  • Create New Variable – Hyperlink
  • Inserting and Working with Variables – Overview
  • Working with Editable Variables
  • Using Variables in Snippets
  • Variable Behavior in Reusable Snippets
  • Variable Behavior During Copy and Paste
  • Find and Replace Text with Reusable Variables
  • Import Variables from a Document
  • Import Variables from Repository
  • Reusable Snippets
  • Introduction to Reusable Snippets
  • Word Styles and Snippets
  • Creating a Snippet from Authored Content
  • Using Variables in Snippets
  • Working with your Newly Created Snippet
  • Searching and Inserting Reusable Snippets: Metadata Search
  • Searching and Inserting Reusable Snippets: Full Text Search
  • Searching and Inserting Reusable Snippets: Search Result Sort Options
  • Browse and Insert Reusable Snippets
  • Inserting Snippets as Links
  • Creating a Favorites List of Snippets
  • Editing and Updating Snippets
  • Content Status
  • Conditional Text
  • Introduction to Conditional Text
  • Showing and Hiding Conditional Text
  • Creating and Applying Conditional Tags
  • Applying Conditional Tags to Images
  • Applying Conditional Tags to Table Rows
  • Uploading and Importing Conditional Tags
  • Conditional Text in Snippets
  • Using the Content Map with Conditional Text
  • Summary of Conditional Text Behavior Options
  • Advanced Conditional Text Behaviors
  • Refresh Formatting of Conditional Text
  • Course Wrap-up
  • Document Publishing
  • Congratulations!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed