Introduction to SmartDocs - Express (001-E)

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Welcome to the SmartDocs Community! This course will provide you with an introduction to SmartDocs, a tour of the SmartDocs Express user interface, instruction on how to customize your SmartDocs experience, and information about how to get support for SmartDocs.

Prerequisites: - You should have been provided with SmartDocs installation, activation instructions as well as your credentials for connecting to your SmartDocs repositories.

  • Getting Started with SmartDocs
  • Downloading SmartDocs
  • Install and Activate SmartDocs
  • Connecting to your SmartDocs Repository
  • Technical Requirements
  • SmartDocs Support Center
  • Tour of Support Center
  • SmartDocs User Community
  • Submitting a Support Ticket
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed