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SmartDocs 100 - Desktop (100-D)

Your team needs conditional text in Word. We get it. Welcome to SmartDocs Desktop Edition. In this course we will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of SmartDocs Desktop.
  • Getting Started
  • Course Overview
  • Downloading SmartDocs
  • Install and Activate SmartDocs
  • Tour of Support Center
  • Submitting a Support Ticket
  • SmartDocs User Community
  • Conditional Text
  • Introduction to Conditional Text
  • Showing and Hiding Conditional Text
  • Creating Conditional Tags
  • Applying Conditional Tags
  • Applying Multiple Conditional Tags
  • Applying Conditional Tags to Table Rows
  • Nesting Conditional Tags
  • Reusable Variables
  • Introduction to Reusable Variables
  • Editing Variables
  • Creating and Inserting Variables
  • Copying and Pasting Content with Variables
  • Import from Document
  • Bulk Updating Variable Values
  • Document Snapshots
  • Introduction to Document Snapshots
  • Creating Document Snapshots
  • Bulk Publishing
  • Course Wrap-up
  • Document Publishing
  • Congratulations!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed