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Getting Started for SmartDocs Administrators (000-Admin)

Welcome to the SmartDocs Community! This course is for the SmartDocs Administrator who will be creating your first SmartDocs repository. If you are a SmartDocs user, please start with "Getting Started for SmartDocs Professional Users."

This course will provide the SmartDocs Administrator with SmartDocs installation and activation instructions as well as the next steps for creating and connecting to your SmartDocs repositories. You will also get an introduction to SmartDocs, a tour of the SmartDocs user interface, instruction on how to customize your SmartDocs experience, and information about how to get support for SmartDocs. Once you are familiar with the SmartDocs user interface you will proceed to the SharePoint Configuration course to create your first SmartDocs repository!
  • Welcome to SmartDocs!
  • Course Outline
  • Getting Started
  • Technical Requirements
  • Downloading SmartDocs
  • Install and Activate SmartDocs
  • Connecting to your SmartDocs Repository
  • SmartDocs Demos
  • SmartDocs for Technical Publications
  • SmartDocs for Proposals and Contracts
  • SmartDocs for Medical and Regulatory
  • SmartDocs User Interface Tour
  • Professional Edition
  • SmartDocs Support Center
  • Tour of Support Center
  • SmartDocs User Community
  • Submitting a Support Ticket
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed